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Secret World of Weather

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Gooley, Tristan

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Learn to "see" the forecast in the hidden weather signs all around you--from the New York Times-bestselling author of How to Read a Tree and The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs

In this eye-opening trove of outdoor clues, acclaimed natural navigator Tristan Gooley shows us how, by "reading" nature as he does, you'll not only detect what the weather is doing (and predict what's coming), you'll enter a secret wonderland of sights and sounds you've never noticed before. Discover the ways that weather can reveal a hidden world with every step you take--through the woods or down a city street.

  • A turbulent sky with mismatched clouds predicts bad weather.
  • Snowflakes get smaller as the temperature drops.
  • Dry weather and morning frost follow a clear moon.
  • Gliding birds mean stable air and thus, fair weather.
  • Honeybees don't leave their hives below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Crickets chirp faster as the temperature rises.
  • Pine cones close their scales in high humidity.
  • Perching birds face into the wind.
  • Cows don't lie down before rain, but they do head home.