Sell or Donate


Interested in selling or donating books? Please read our policy below and check our Wish List at the bottom of this page for titles we are currently soliciting.

Sales/Donations Policy

We will have buying periods in the spring, summer, and fall. "Drop ins" are limited to 10 books at a time, once per customer per week. Titles must be from the Wish List below. If the store is busy, we cannot guarantee that we can process drop-ins same-day. 

Appointments are required for more than 10 books or for books that are not on our Wish List. You must contact us to set up an appointment. Prior to confirming your appointment we will need to know how many books and we may request a list of titles or a photo prior to your appointment. We are unable to accept books that we have not authorized -- not even as donations (we simply don't have the space). Appointment blocks for sales/donations will be available on select Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. 

Please do NOT leave books in front of the store. Any "dumped" books are considered abandoned and will not be credited. 

Books must be in good condition -- no mold/mildew, no tears or spills. Unless otherwise noted, all books are paperbacks. "Trade" paperbacks are strongly preferred. Unless a book is very new (less than 2 years old) or unavailable in paperback, we will not accept hardcover adult fiction, science fiction, or fantasy titles. 

We pay .50 - 2.00 per book cash or .50 - 3.00 per book store credit (good for used book in-store purchases only) based on cover price, condition, and demand. Pricing is at our discretion. We require a name and contact information for any cash or credit transaction.

Wish List

The list below is organized by genre then author. We'll update frequently based on demand and customer requests, so please check back! If you have trouble viewing this spreadsheet (smartphone/mobile viewing can be tough), let us know and we'll send you a PDF.