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STORE HOURS: Tues/Wed/Thurs, 12 - 6. Fri 12 - 7. Sat 11 - 6. Sun 11 - 3. Masks required for in-store shopping. Order online for US shipping or free Greenfield delivery.
HOURS: T/W/Th 12 - 6. F 12 - 7. Sat 11 - 6. Sun 11 - 3. Masks required for in-store shopping.


March 6 is here! Many thanks for your patience during our store's cleaning and organization process. We still have a lot of work to do (the basement remains closed, unfortunately), but we've made a lot of headway and have uncovered some gems from the "back room" as well as some new acquisitions to add to our inventory. And yes, we did shampoo the carpet...

  • Shop-by-appointment hours resume Wednesday through Saturday, and you can book online, here. We'll take walk-ins where we can, but we still require masks and we will still limit the number of people we can have in the store at a time for safety reasons. 
  • Curbside pickup resumes 3 - 6pm Wed - Fri and 10 - 1 Sat. There might be additional availability earlier on Wednesdays and later on Saturdays if appointments have been booked. Greenfield delivery options continue.
  • We expanded our graphic novels section, with more new titles due in mid-month. We've reorganized and expanded our drama/theater, film and television, and biography sections. We've brought up some more sci fi and fantasy hardcovers and larger format paperbacks, and we'll continue to expand those offerings weekly as we uncover more inventory.
  • In-store sales this month include a revamped $1 paperback section -- look for the red stickers -- and 50% off all used art books. We found a LOT of interesting art books in the back office. Come check them out! Sorry, these aren't available for shipping. Also, last call for $1 DVDs. We need the shelf space!
  • Pulp paperbacks are back, they are shelved with our westerns.
  • Sheet music and songbooks are back. Rifle through what we have, everything in our bins is $5/ea or 3 for $12. Lots of pop and rock, well, classic pop and rock, to check out. As we sell some, we'll add more!
  • "New" used and value nature books, more regional books, and some signed fiction have also made it to our shelves.

And yes, we'll resume adding more books to the website shortly. We hope to see you soon!

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