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Announcing Our Featured Authors Collection

Announcing Our Featured Authors Collection

Federal Street Books is committed to supporting and expanding access to works by black and indigenous writers. Though most of our inventory has been used books, we have recently invested in brand-new titles that include fiction and non-fiction, memoir and anti-racist education, for adult and young readers.

We are pleased to announce that a member of the community has partnered in this effort as an anonymous donor to help make brand-new titles available to readers at a more affordable price. She writes: "As part of the larger effort of anti-racism, I’d like to highlight and support BIPOC authors who have enriched my life with their work, and to share some of the books that I have enjoyed. I’m excited to be partnering with Federal Street Books to do this. I hope you’ll take a journey with these authors, hear their stories and their voices, and discover some of your own favorites!"

Select titles will be made available at a 60% discount for in-store stock, and a 20% discount for additional stock/"special" orders.  The first author we are featuring is Edwidge Danticat, a Haitian-American novelist, short story writer, and memoirist, and her books "Brother I'm Dying" (memoir) and "Untwine" (young adult fiction) can be found online in our new "Featured Authors" collection. Learn more about Edwidge Danticat here:

We'll announce future new Featured Authors titles on our website and via social media. 

Black Lives Matter.

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