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Darwin Comes to Town: How the Urban Jungle Drives Evolution

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In this fascinating book from evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen, explore the ways that urban landscapes are accelerating the natural process of evolution. Birds use skyscrapers as nesting places and sing at higher pitches to be heard above traffic noise. Lizards develop feet that grip better to slick metal and glass surfaces. Moths become less drawn to lightbulbs as nature adapts to the fastest growing habitat on the planet: the city. Urban ecology, a relatively new field studying how wild flora and fauna interact with cityscapes, has a lot to teach us and we have a lot to learn from it if we want to understand how the materials we use and the structures we build are impacting the world around us. In Darwin Comes to Town, learn all about how evolution is happening in response to conditions created by humans. A must-read for ecologists and biologists everywhere, and a fascinating look at these rapid changes for the layman.